Dark Dunes Invasion of Monsterpalooza!

The Dark Dunes team had an incredible time at Monsterpalooza in Burbank, California the last weekend of March! We are honored to have been one of the major sponsors of the convention and to have met so many wonderful artists and fans. Thank you to all our friends at Wyrd Studios, Benevolent Monster Productions, The Spirit Cabinet, Ghostworks LLC, Hex Media and Mighty Pug Studios for their presentations and film screenings that took place in the Dark Dunes Room over the course of the weekend. The presentation and sneak peek trailer for Harbinger Down, our co-production with Amalgamated Dynamics Inc, was a rousing success, as well! A huge thanks to Todd Chicoine, of Asylum House Images, for the photography. Monsterpalooza was a great way to kick off our time in LA – stay tuned for some exciting Kids vs Monsters news!

Sultan proudly posing with the weekend schedule for the Dark Dunes room.

Lance Henriksen having a blast at the Harbinger Down presentation.

Director Lawrie Brewster, writer Sarah Daly, cinematographer Gavin Robertson and executive producer Sultan at the Lord of Tears signing.

Sultan, Sarah Daly, Alex Gillis and Lance Henriksen during the Kids vs Monsters panel.