Kids vs Monsters Update

Greetings, monster fans! We are very happy to report some wonderful things happening at Dark Dunes. Our latest project, Kids vs. Monsters, finished shooting in Los Angeles on May 14th and we are deep in post-production already! We are very happy with how it is coming along so far and are looking forward to being able to share it with the world. Visit the official website,, for more information about the project. In the meantime, here are some great pictures from monster-creating pre-production at Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. and shooting on location.

Director Sultan Saeed al Darmaki at Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. with costume designer Tricia Gray, practical special FX supervisor Yuri Everson, and some Sasquatch feet.

Creature designer Gavin Robertson.

Producer Lawrie Brewster and Sultan with cast members Jesse Camacho, Michael Bailey Smith, Anna Akana, Sydney Endicott and Bridger Zadina.

Stars Lance Henriksen and Malcolm McDowell in action on set.

Incredible monster actors Anna Akana, Connor Woodruff and Michael Bailey Smith.