Women in Horror Month: Female Horror Filmmakers

It’s that time of year again: Women in Horror Month! It’s amazing to have a dedicated month to shine a light on female horror filmmakers.

Our producer Mallory O’Meara put together a list of women to keep an eye on in 2018. These filmmakers are the vanguard of the horror genre right now. They’re breaking boundaries, blazing trails and most importantly, making incredible movies. Next time you’re on Netflix or Shudder looking for something to watch, keep these names in mind.

Female Horror Filmmakers

Karyn Kusama (Check out her segment in the XX anthology or her feature film The Invitation)

Leigh Janiak (Check out her film Honeymoon on Netflix!)

Axelle Carolyn (Check out her segment in the Tales of Halloween anthology and her feature Soulmate on Shudder)

Chelsea Stardust (She’s filming a feature film right now!)

Zena Dixon (Also runs an excellent horror site, Real Queen of Horror!)

Jennifer Kent (You’ve probably seen The Babadook, but keep an eye out, she’s filming a new movie!)

Sofìa Carrillo (Check out her segment in the XX anthology!)

Brea Grant (Just finished shooting a feature that she co-wrote!)

Anne Biller (Check out The Love Witch!)

Roxane Benjamin (Check out her segment in the XX anthology and her upcoming feature film!)

Izzy Lee (Check out her shorts on Shudder!)

Jovanka Vuckovic (Check out her segment in the XX anthology and her upcoming feature film!)

B.J. Colangelo (Keep an eye out for her upcoming feature!)

Gigi Saul Guerrero (Check out her short in Mexico Barbaro!)

Ana Lily Amirpour (Her newest feature is The Bad Batch!)

Julia Ducournau (Check out her feature Raw, it’s streaming on Amazon!)

Who did we miss? Share your favorite Women in Horror in the Comments below!