Yamasong & Dark Dunes at DragonCon 2018!

DragonCon is almost here!! We just four short weeks away from one of the best conventions of the year!

We’ll have more information coming soon about how you can see Yamasong, plus director Sam Koji Hale, and producer Mallory O’Meara in Atlanta, GA August 30 to September 3rd. Until then here are some preliminary details about our DragonCon screenings for Yamasong!

dragoncon, yamasong

Title: Film Festival Screening – Animation Block 1
Description: A mix of independent animation. You’ll see lizard adventurers, puppet politicians, and surrealist rhinos. Encore presentation of the original “Yamasong” short.
Time: Fri 8/31 02:30 pm Location: The Learning Center – Hyatt Regency
Title: Puppetry Track – “Yamasong: March of the Hollows” Screening w/ Talk Back
Description: An automaton girl and tortoise warrior journey with a band of outlaws on an incredible quest. Their one hope to defeat a sinister mechanized army and save the creatures of their world is to find a legendary relic. Talk back with director Sam Koji Hale and producer Mallory O’Meara.
Time: Fri 8/31 11:30 pm Location: A704 – Marriott Marquis
Title: The Art of Film Production: What Do Producers Do, & How Do They Do It?
Description: Our film producers will explain the nearly inexplicable job of producing a film, how they got into the field, & what they do to make a film real.
Time: Sat 04:00 pm Location: The Learning Center – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Trip Hope, Mallory Anne O’Meara, Jay Firestone)
Title: Film Festival Screening – “Yamasong: March of the Hollows”
Description: A fantasy-adventure puppet feature voiced by Nathan Fillion, Abigail Breslin, Edward Asner, Malcolm McDowell, Whoopi Goldberg, Peter Weller, & George Takei. Q&A with director Sam Koji Hale and producer Mallory O’Meara.
Time: Sun 9/2 04:00 pm Location: The Learning Center – Hyatt Regency

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!