Producer Mallory O’Meara on Yamasong: March of the Hollows at the Atlanta Film Festival

Staying motivated as a filmmaker can be tough. You work on a project for years at a time, hoping that people will love it as much as you do. You get exhausted and nervous about showing it to the world. Having a film be accepted at a film festival is an incredible affirmation of all the blood, sweat and tears you poured into it. But attending the film festival is even better. You get to interact with scores of colleagues and fans who are excited about making and seeing movies. It’s a much needed boost of motivation and excitement. It propels you forward.

Showing Yamasong at the Atlanta Film Festival was a spectacular experience for the Dark Dunes Productions team. The response to the film was so positive and excited.

When you make films that are off the beaten path like puppet films are, it’s invaluable to connect with other filmmakers and fans that share your love and remind you that there is a want and a place for the art that you create. Getting to pair with the Center of Puppetry arts for an event after the screening was the cherry on top!

There was so much love for film and puppetry – we couldn’t have asked for a better place to show Yamasong.

We’re using that boost and hoping that soon, we’ll have some great news about the future of the film to share.